Nanyang 50 (南洋伍拾) is a regional brand and privileged club of selective entrepreneurs in particular industries in Southeast and South Asia.
Vision: Conceptualise brand value and name of “made and bred in Southeast Asia” and its entrepreneurship, with high social mobility and synergy of capital and talents

Nanyang 50 (南洋伍拾) of its first time also serves as a celebration of 50th anniversary of ASEAN in coming 2017.
Firstly promoted and marketed in ASEAN Elite Forum 2017 in Manila, with support of Asian Development Bank and APEC Business Advisory Council in Hong Kong.

Privileges of membership:

  1. Brand values and acknowledgement
  2. Connectivity directly to capitalists and investors
  3. Network to the top young entrepreneurs in the industries


  1. Enterprise & Investment Establishment(招商及投資)
    • Land concession for agriculture and trade development e.g. Cambodia (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery)
    • Trade development in new economies in Southeast Asia e.g. East Timor
    • Venture capitalist pitching
  2. Connectivity directly to capitalists and investors
    • ASEAN Elite Forum (東盟精英論壇
    • Harvard - Cambridge in ASEAN (橋佛東盟)
  3. Network to the top young entrepreneurs in the industries
    • Academia-Industry hybrid development (Food & Nutritional Sciences / Agriculture) (產學發展)
    • Entrepreneurship education

Nanyang Entrepreneur Foundation is a registered non-governmental non-profit organisation founded in September 2014, with Mr. Andre Kwok Ka Ming from Hong Kong and two close partners, Mr. Rem Chandara from Cambodia and Mr. Agung Haskara from Indonesia. The foundation chapters currently in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Cambodia, with members of 200+ across Southeast Asia.

Trust and friendship building among young entrepreneurs across Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia through public-private partnership.


  1. Build solid and pragmatic network for young entrepreneurs across the region.
  2. Research and development with entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.
  3. Enable ecosystem for business among the region.

This year, as we hold the forum in Manila, Philippines, ASEAN Elite Forum will be co-organized by ASEAN Youth Leaders Association (AYLA) – Philippines. AYLA Philippines is a network of young Filipino people that aims for inclusive and empowered youth leadership for sustainable development in the ASEAN Community.

Inclusive and empowered Filipino youth leadership for sustainable development in Southeast
Asia that moves to resolve major issues concerning the Filipino youth (education, health and wellbeing, employment, and youth participation)

Aims and Purposes
1) Provide an inclusive and enabling environment,
2) Raise awareness on ASEAN and SDGs,
3) Facilitate capacity building of members,
4) Mobilize for inclusive youth engagement,
5) Link opportunities and members across Southeast Asia; and,
6) Participate in policy development.

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